Balancing Expenditures and Right-Sizing

Central Office and Support Service Departments

for Schools, School Districts and Colleges/Universities


With the recent reductions in available funds for the K-20 education industry, never before have school leaders faced such a daunting task.  Managing in times of budget shortfalls and ambiguities is a real challenge.  Managing with increased expectations for student achievement makes your task even more difficult.  Simply stated, budgets are tight.  Categorical funding is increasing.  Operating budgets are decreasing.  You are left with fewer dollars to spend over which you have discretion.  Can your organization make these budget cuts and still perform at an optimal level?  Are your support and central office departments right-sized?  Are your operating expenditures balanced between in-house and purchased (contracted) services?  We can help you ensure that the answer is yes. 


The Portolan Group (PGI) is the nation’s premier provider of consulting services to school, school district and college/university central office, business and support service departments.  Our assistance has helped: save money; improve performance; and insure maximum usage of general operating revenue (the funds with which you have discretion).  Utilizing the services of The Portolan Group will assure educators that their organizations are operating with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.  From finance to food; from budgets to building management, we can help.


PGI’s assessments and improvement strategies have assisted schools, school districts and colleges/universities in saving or finding better use for millions of budget dollars.  PGI’s findings are practical, based on years of experience as both educators and consultants. 


In times of budgetary uncertainty, The Portolan Group will provide:


Support Service Consulting


                       We Work with You to:



Central Office Consulting


                       We Work with You to:



Alignment of Business Departments with Academic Goals


                       We Work with You to:



The Portolan Group will work with your organization to find savings:



Who are The Portolan Group’s Customers?


            Large School Districts/Universities



            Suburban School Districts


            Small School Districts/Independent Schools     


The Portolan Group has Worked with the Following Departments:


Finance/Budget                                         Grounds

Risk Management                                       Custodial

Human Resources                                      School Police

Maintenance                                              Labor Relations

Food Services                                           Construction/Architecture

Transportation                                           Accounting/Payroll

Instructional Facilities/Data                        Office of the Superintendent

Curriculum/Instruction                               School Improvement


Please email ( or call us (1-87-PORTOLAN) for a no-cost consultation and complimentary support service department performance index of your choice.