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Facilities Construction and Architectural Analyses

Tortolan is pleased to provide assessments of facilities construction and planning services.  In many small to medium-sized schools, districts or colleges, the facilities construction, architectural and planning service functions are outsourced to local providers. 

Large educational organizations may have groups within physical plant operations or separate departments providing these services in-house.  Portolan will seek first to understand if the facilities construction and architectural services are meeting the vision and mission that stakeholders have for these services.  There are many factors involved in this discovery.  Portolan’s facilities department assessments include the analysis of: 

Depending on the scope of service requested, Portolan will analyze and provide recommendations related to:

During the assessment, Portolan will continue to work with the client until there is a complete understanding of the observations and recommendations and select strategies for improvement.  Portolan will provide the client the information necessary for sound decision-making.  Its assessments involve analysis and recommendations that allow educational leadership to choose the correct timeframe and methodology for improvement/change strategies. 

After the analysis is complete, Portolan will combine all this information into findings and options for departmental improvement.  Portolan will provide you with the operational, financial and cultural implications of its recommendations.  If appropriate, Portolan will provide strategies for change implementation including revision of facilities restructuring due to financial restraints.  Everything Portolan does to assist a client will offer strategies for improvement that are practical and can be implemented in “the real K-20 world.”  Portolan understands the different models of school, district and college facilities services.  It provides assessments that are based in both sound practices and innovative strategies.  Portolan’s purpose will be to help you envision how utilizing improvement strategies and optional operational models “can be the best” option a client has to save money and/or improve its operations. 

If the client requests, Portolan will also:


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