First Mate – Custodial Management Software Program

F ship’s captain has a First Mate to help maintain everything while at sea. As a facility manager, you deserve to have your own First Mate. As part of The Portolan Group’s (PGI) commitment to the educational industry, it developed First Mate, the first custodial management software program specifically designed for schools, school districts, colleges and universities. This program combines PGI’s years of experience with the latest technology to manage and improve school’s custodial operations.

First Mate will help you manage the following areas of your custodial operation:

  1. Facilities: provides space inventory, site information such as address and square footages, assigned employees, contact information, event calendars and more.
  2. Work Schedules: provides employee work shifts, cleaning tasks by project, building, area, or individual task.
  3. Quality Assurance: provides inspection forms to assess cleanliness levels. Inspections can be performed and reported daily, weekly monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. They can be reported by supervisory zones, individual school, building or entire district.
  4. Employees: provides employee information such as work history, annual performance evaluations, training and education, disciplinary actions, letters of commendation and emergency contact information.
  5. Customer Requests: provides an opportunity for customers to request services, cleaning projects such as floor refinishing and scheduling an event such as community meetings or athletic events.
  6. Employee Training: provides PGI’s sample training curriculum for cleaning tasks, recommended cleaning requirements by building area such as floors (carpet, VCT, concrete or wood), walls (drywall, plastered, brick), bathrooms (tiled or non-tiled floors and walls, types of partitions, number of fixtures) and training history for employees. Course curriculum can also be uploaded from an existing training program. Employees may also provides training feedback.
  7. Inventory: provides detailed lists of cleaning supplies and equipment, units of measure, minimum and maximum levels, can be viewed by school, supervisory area, building or district. Also provides supply and equipment costs (original purchase price and depreciated value), preventive maintenance schedules and available accessories for equipment.
  8. Safety Information: provides safety reports such as fire inspections, evacuation routes, fire, tornado and intruder drills, emergency contact information for after-hour emergencies, local fire, police and hospital information and qualified emergency personnel.
  9. Management: provides building, school or district level administrators the ability to view reports such as employee performance, building inspections, budget and expenditures, equipment location and repair history. Provides performance metrics such as costs per square foot, per student, per building or supervisory zone. Breaks down budgets and expenditures by labor (salaries and benefits), supplies, equipment, overtime and contracted (purchased) services.
  10. Master Data: this module is where all the data is classified and managed.
  11. Calendar: provides an event calendar for requests, cleaning schedules, after-hour events, employee vacations and annual days off such as holidays and weekends.
  12. System Administration: provides various levels of user access. Program administrators can add/edit or delete user access for various levels of access to the program modules.
  13. Support: provides frequently asked questions, contact information for technical support and requests for on and off-site assistance.

Much of the data that populates First Mate you already have. If so, you can upload it into the program. If not, you have the option of having someone from your organization or PGI collect and upload the data. Once the data is in the program, authorized users can add/edit or delete various data in various modules. If you have a new building coming on-line, that building and its contents can be added to the program. You can also assign employees and develop work schedules for that new facility. First Mate will even tell you how many employees you need to clean that building.

Benefits/Value to Customer

Program Deliverables

With rising costs and a shrinking economy, every facility manager needs to keep pace with the increasing demands of cleaning their facilities. First Mate is one more effort from PGI to help make that a reality. Call us today for a quote.

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