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Telcome to our Helpful Tips page.  Below you will find links to articles and tips related to the financial, operational and cultural components of the support service departments in the K-20 industry.  They are provided to help you and your fellow industry professionals gain in-sight and knowledge into the world you and they are immersed in. 

We know how difficult it can be to find answers to the many obstacles that you and other educational leaders face each day.  Feel free to copy these articles for your own use.  Keep in mind that the content in these articles are in no way designed to take the place of specific policies, procedures, statutes or regulations for your particular organization.  They are a compilation of our many years of experience and professional opinions. 

We will be adding more articles and tips as often as possible, so check back for more on the topics you are interested in.  If you have any comments or are interested in providing us with some helpful tips of your own or if you would like more information on any of these articles, you may reach us from our Contact Us page, email us at or at 1-706-569-9669.

Maintenance Tips

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Specifications

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Functionality Needs

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Companies

Performance Contracting

Re-Inventing Maintenance and Operations

Custodial Tips

School District Custodial Super-Vision - The Big Picture

Custodial Supplies Procurement Transition

Grounds Tips

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Transportation Tips

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Food Service Tips

Direct and Indirect Costs

Rebates and Food Service Management Contracts

Central Office Tips

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TeChnology Tips

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Reducing Current and Future Expenditures without Cutting Employees

Creating an Operationally Oriented Budget

Miscellaneous Tips

Balancing Expenditures and Right-Sizing Business and Support Services

Outsourcing School Support Services

Building a Support Services Department in Physical Plant Operations

Student Achievement and Support Service Integration