CMMS Specifications (Functionality)

for Physical Plant Operations In a

School District Environment

An educational institution's Physical Plant Operations Division is committed to maximum integration of data and functionality of purpose.  Portolan believes that there is no need to sacrifice either.  We believe that the essence of a solid ERP solution is one that maximizes both, without necessarily being based on a single provider’s systems.  Up-to-date CMMS programs are designed to provide maximum integration with core financial systems.  We support such a solution, whether coming from a single source or multiple vendors.

The district needs to plan for a RFP to provide asset identification at the same time the CMMS is purchased and implemented.  This is a key component of a successful implementation that is often overlooked.

In that spirit, the following are the core functionalities that Portolan recommends for any school district CMMS program.

The ability to:

1.  Load CAD drawings, designs, site plans or footprints into the system for examination by trades, supervision or management.  Facility prints/drawings/as-builts should be available to all.

2.  Manage projects in both facilities and physical plant operations.  Both divisions need access to each other’s data on a real time basis.  If a third party system such as P-3 is used, it should be accessible in both facilities and physical plant operations.

3.  Track stockroom inventory with work order parts and supplies usage on a real-time basis.

4.  Generate planning calendars for custodial, grounds and maintenance tasks.

5.  Track, analyze and pay utilities.

6.  Identify mechanical assets by maker, model, type and age, together with the entire work history on each asset.

7.  Enter, track and analyze work orders by staffing, parts/supplies, and outside service contracts in real time.

8.  Open, query, close, approve, fund, track status of and change work orders in real time.

9.  Integrate hand-held technology to access core components of the system.

10. Analyze resource utilization (labor, time, parts and materials and outside purchase services) by maintenance activity (preventive, corrective, facilities improvement, projects, etc). 

11.  Track custodial supplies and equipment location and usage by site.

12.  Create master scheduling of trades, grounds and custodial workers.

13.  Track vendors by name, trade, expenditure and date.

14.  Receive, inventory, sort, order and locate stockroom supplies, material and equipment.

15.  Track and coordinate all activities related to planning, estimating and funding work orders and projects.

16.  Maintain training and HR records related to physical plant activities (labor rates, longevity, job class, certifications, etc). 

17.  Track, schedule and monitor all preventive maintenance activities in the custodial, grounds and maintenance departments.

18.  Track a quality assurance process for all physical plant operations activities. 

19.  Interface with RF technology for on-line condition monitoring, real time transmission of work order information, etc.

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