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ur mission is to provide information, insight and instruction for the effective and efficient operation of our clients central office, business and support services, allowing them to focus on their core mission.  Portolan will always be advocates for that which best serves its clients.



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MOur values are best captured by our corporate compass.  We find our direction by checking our actions and words against our corporate compass.



N. Determined to Persevere
We commit to finishing what we start.

NE. Detailed Knowledge
We commit to lifelong learning and research.

E. Delegating Authority
We commit to trusting our team and encouraging
autonomy and creativity.

SE. Delaying Gratification
We commit to never sacrificing the long-term
on the altar of the immediate.

S. Devotion to Duty
We commit to being faithful to the vision
that identifies and binds us together.

SW. Doing Right
We commit to character before career;
using absolute honesty in decision making.

W. Dignity Under Fire
We commit to being at our best at all times,
including when things are at their worst.

NW. Denial of Self
We commit to giving credit to others when things go right
and assuming responsibility when they go wrong.


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We will be advocates for our clients.  We will serve our clients without preference for or against self operation or outsourcing.  As an advocate for our client, we have not nor will we represent or receive compensation for representing the products or services of others.  We are unbiased and wholly objective, keeping what is best for our clients in the forefront of all we do and say.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a client’s mission.  Each client has unique needs, financial and physical challenges, and culture.  This uniqueness requires client-specific real world solutions.

Portolan understands and respects the feelings and preferences of its clients, their employees and their communities.  It serves its clients and all their constituencies in an atmosphere that is open, honest, collaborative and empathetic.