Navigator: The Program

Navigator is designed by Portolan to provide organizations with an affordable and flexible program of support service (food service, physical plant operations and transportation) assistance. Navigator is designed and can be tailored to those organizations who do not need or who cannot afford a major intervention. It allows for significant assistance at a minimal cost.  Navigator allows Portolan to provide both on-site and off-site expertise. We provide benchmarks, program assessments and task-specific support. We provide this assistance to departments that are run in-house or outsourced

Navigator Program - Food Service Monitoring

Our Navigator Program provides on-going monitoring services of your food service operation.  We developed this program with tools and support that allow our clients to monitor the operational and financial components of their food service operation.  This allows our clients the opportunity to determine how effective and efficient their food service operations are at any given time through out the year.  This program provides key performance indicators and benchmarks that allow our clients to monitor and adjust the functional components of their food service operation as needed.

Samples of the services that are included in our Navigator Food Service Monitoring Program are:

Examples of other services that can be included in an individualized Navigator program:

Navigator: The Cost

Navigator is designed to provide an organization with optimal flexibility and affordability. The cost is determined on an annualized basis. It can include major assessment, on-going implementation assistance, contract monitoring, program review, etc. Navigator provides the organization with the ability to spread out costs. It provides a predictable cost (budget) for the assistance. We will work to put together a service and pricing structure that will enable any size organization to benefit from our services.

Navigator: The Benefits

Not all organizations need or would benefit from a major assessment of their support services programs. Navigator was created to allow Portolan and the client to work together to provide incremental improvements to existing programs.

Benefits realized from the Navigator Program include:

We will work with you to design a program that will specifically meet your on-going support service needs.