Safe Harbor SELF Assessment AND Quality Assurance Program

TAFE HARBOR is a self assessment and quality assurance program that includes everything an organizational leader needs to perform an in-house review and to monitor his/her physical plant, facilities construction and planning, transportation and food service operations on an on-going basis.  This is the same program Portolan has been using for years to assess some of America’s largest school district support service programs.  It is now available for an individual organization to use on its own.

What it Does:


Safe Harbor is a program that enables organizational leaders to:


Benefits/Value to Customer


Program Material/Deliverables 

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Everyone has heard the old saying, “You need the right tool for the right job.” Well, you have just found the right tool to assess and help you improve your department’s performance.

The staff of Portolan believe every student deserves a safe harbor in which to learn.  This program is one more effort on our part to make that destination a reality.

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Every Student Deserves a Safe Harbor!