Tortolan is pleased to provide assessments of central office services.  In this time of decreasing operating revenues, it is vital for organizations to be sure they are maximizing efficiency of these expenditures.

States across the country are increasingly putting “strings” on the expenditure of the funds they provide.  This puts the local administration in a real bind as general operating funds decrease and expenditures increase.  No one wants to reduce the funds available.  Organizations are under pressure to look at their central office staffing, purchased services and miscellaneous costs to find funds to meet decreasing revenues.

Portolan will assist in reviewing expenditures to ensure maximum efficiency.  Such costs will be reviewed against those in like organizations. Phased-in plans will be created to enable clients to meet budgetary shortfalls.  Portolan will look at all specific expenditures and practices such as:

  • Business and Finance
    • Payroll
    • Accounts Payable
    • Finance
    • Budget
    • Procurement
  • Technology
    • Educational Technology
    • Administrative Technology
    • Technology Staff/Support
    • Procurement Practices
  • Human Resources
    • Employee Relations
    • Personnel
    • Safety/School Police
    • Risk Management
  • Support Services
    • Maintenance
    • Custodial
    • Grounds
    • Facilities
    • School Food Service
    • Transportation
    • Printing
    • Security
    • Stockroom/Warehouse/Materials Logistics
  • Administration
    • Senior Level Staffing
    • Table of Organization
    • Central Office Staff
    • Salary/Hourly Staff

Portolan’s focus provides specific expertise to its client's market.  Our staff works with schools, city/county governement and corporate organizations; therefore we have extensive knowledge of various operational environments.  We have provided assistance to ten Council of Great City School Districts and to eight of the nation’s largest twenty-five districts.  Portolan's staff is supplemented with subject area specialists to provide equitable and unbiased analysis.

Our strategies may include recommendations related to restructuring, reducing, or making these vital departments more efficient and effective.  We have written business plans for department heads and are able to provide assistance beyond the painful cutting of staff.  We have worked for years in operational environments to make support services departments more efficient.  We will assess any or all of these critical departments.  Our purpose is to maximize the revenues directly involved in an organization's bottom line or student education and achievement, especially in times of declining revenues.

We also have significant experience in preparing organizations for the resistance that comes with any significant restructuring effort.  We have the training programs and the expertise to assist our clients through the change management process.

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