For years, the staff of Portolan Associates has been providing clients with studies that include assessments of support services technology. We also provide assessments of central office/business technology as a whole.


Why has the staff of Portolan been successful in providing services to ten Council of Great City School Districts and to eight of America’s largest twenty-five districts? A commitment to service, an awareness of school district culture and expertise in change management are only several of the reasons. If you have been looking for a consultant who specializes in your organization and its systems needs, you need look no further.

The staff of Portolan and its partners will assess an organization's technology operations in both business and the academic services. We will provide assessment and implementation assistance with the following:

  • Telecommunications
  • Support Services Technology
    • Food Service POS
    • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
    • Routing Technology
  • Procurement/Stockroom/Material Logistics Technology
  • District-Wide Applications/Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Security/Safety/HVAC Controls Systems
  • Education/Classroom Technology and Systems
  • The integration of all the above
  • Procurement practices related to all of the above

An organization can be sure that it will obtain unbiased recommendations since Portolan does not partner with, nor does it represent any provider of technology or systems. We do not benefit from our recommendations. There is no motive for us to make recommendations other than to provide the very best guidance for an individual client’s needs.

Please call or email us via our contact page for further information. We look forward to working with you.

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