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As the nation’s #1 provider of consulting services for organization's support service operations, Portolan is prepared to provide immediate assistance to your transportation department. Transportation departments are seeing constant cost increases (i.e. fuel and labor) that are higher than the average consumer price index.

Added to these increased costs are challenges presented by new curriculum and instruction requirements.   The growth of special programs (i.e. NCLB, magnet, charter, ESE, and other choice offerings) is placing ever-increasing demands on transportation services.   Thus, transportation departments across America are constantly looking for ways to contain cost and improve service.

Portolan has developed a transportation assessment program that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.   At the heart of our assessment program is our Transportation Performance Index.   This tool creates critical performance ratings in thirteen categories to provide an overall operational performance rating.  These categories include:

This tool should become a vital component of any transportation department’s QA program.

Our assessments may be customized to your specific need: a comprehensive review of the entire department or one department category: finance, routing, staffing, fleet management, customer service and/or transportation policy.

Contact us to discuss how we will provide you the same excellent analysis that we have provided other clients We are confident we will help you improve your transportation service.

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