Self Operation & Outsourcing

Portolan's Position

We are advocates for our clients.  As such, we favor only that which best serves our client’s needs.  While we are the nationally recognized consulting authority for both self-operation and outsourcing, we favor neither.   We recognize that both service delivery formats have advantages and disadvantages.  It is important to note that the advantages and disadvantages of both vary from client to client.  What has worked or not worked for one client may or may not work for another client.  Our mission is to help our clients recognize all opportunities for improving their support services operations regardless of service delivery format.

Facts and Myths of Self-Operation and Outsourcing

There is one single fact - the success of either self-operation or outsourcing is client-specific.  A full understanding of client culture, legal issues, client performance expectation and client financial expectation is crucial to determining which service delivery format will be most successful.

The myths about both are far too many to mention.  Proponents of either tend to overstate the respective pros and cons of both dependent upon their experience and/or biases.  Go to our Helpful Tips page to read our "Outsourcing School Support Services" article.  This article is specifically written to help schools make good decisions regarding outsourcing.