Request For Proposal (RFP)

Trom developing client-specific customized RFPs for the acquisition of support services products and services to managing the entire acquisition process, Portolan can do it all. 


Should our client choose to enter into a contract with a vendor at the end of the RFP process, we can help the client develop a favorable contract.  Further, we can provide contract compliance monitoring.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Development

If your organization is considering outsourcing a particular service (for example; dust mop cleaning service) or an entire department (for example; food service operations), we can develop the RFP for you. We will meet with the appropriate stakeholders to determine the scope of service(s) needed. The RFP will be clear and concise allowing you to receive responses for service that will benefit your organization the most.

Procurement/Process Management

Portolan can assist your organization in the evaluations of responses to an RFP. Our team of experienced staff will guide you through the process of procuring a service provider that is beneficial to your organization. Or we will review and evaluate the responses for you, along with the appropriate stakeholders to determine which service providers qualify.

Contract Development

Portolan will write a contract for your organization for the awarded service provider. The contract will be written to provide you with the best “bang for your buck.”  We have written many contracts that have allowed our clients greater efficiencies and better service from the provider.

Contract Management

Portolan will monitor the contracts between your organization and the service provider. We will meet with the appropriate organizational staff and the service provider as needed to ensure the service provider is in compliance with the awarded contract. We will provide you with feedback, written reports and data to allow your department the opportunity to effectively manage the service or operation.