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Training and Seminars

Teriplus” (perilpus – Gr. A diary or journal of a sea voyage for the express purpose of enabling those who would follow to journey safely), is Portolan’s educational arm.  Portolan's training is designed specifically to enhance organizational leader’s skills, especially in change readiness and management, as well as in understanding organizational culture. 

Portolan staff has experience training leaders all over the world. From Kentucky to Kenya, leaders have benefited from this training.  Portolan training programs have included board members, superintendents, bus drivers and trades workers.  Portolan’s trainers are uniquely experienced to effectively reach all leaders, regardless of job classification or level.  When the U.S. Navy needed training for its education service specialists and recruiters in understanding public education, it turned to the staff of Portolan.  From Philadelphia to San Diego, public school leaders have benefited from formal Portolan training programs.

Portolan will train your staff in:

Specific operational or financial training may include:

Benefits realized from the Periplus Training Program include:

Please call or email Portolan from its contact page.  We will work with you to create training programs for your organization’s specific needs.