Portolan Associates is an advocate for the school, not for privatization

Tortolan Associates, Inc. is a company that provides business and operational consulting to corporations, city/county governments, public and independent schools, in a variety of support services departments (central office, technology, maintenance, custodial, grounds, facilities, transportation, school food service). 

We provide assessments and needs analyses to help organizations and educational institutions evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of these departments.  We will assist in analyzing both internal and external strategies for increasing effectiveness and efficiency. We then assist in the implementation of the chosen strategy.

We also provide the tools and programs that we use to perform our assessments and the monitoring of our clients performance. These tools are designed for our clients to utilize in-house. Kind of a "do-it-yourself" kit. They come with training and can include on-site support from our staff.

We will provide guidance and direction should you decide to consider outsourcing or privatization. We will help with the writing of an RFP, evaluation of responses and negotiation with a chosen vendor.

No employee of Portolan Associates, Inc. is compensated in any manner by any outsourcing company based on the outcomes or recommendations of our studies. We are advocates for that which best fits our clients needs.

What is a Portolan?

Mercator's World, the leading map history periodical, defines a portolan as “a pilot book or set of sailing directions, which in map form was called a portolan chart” (vol 1 number 4, 1996 p. 73).


The ancient sea pilot guided his ship safely to its destination through the use of charts he had carefully drawn over years of experience. The ship, its crew, and its cargo were entrusted into the pilot's care. The ship's owner or sponsor identified the destination; it was up to the experienced pilot to get them there safely. He safely navigated the currents, reefs and winds to bring all to their desired port.

Portolan has been founded on the same principles. It is our goal to guide our clients safely and efficiently to their desired destination. The client determines the port. We guide and navigate them safely there. Utilizing our years of experience in sailing the “operational” seas, we carefully plot and navigate a course. Our responsibility is a safe and successful journey.

We believe the image of the Portolano (Pilot) and the Portolan Chart (the sea chart) beautifully and accurately portray the mission and vision of our company.